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Experience Results Through Relationships

Collaboration and Ownership run through the veins of these high-performing teams. Core Strengths develops ownership of high-stakes situations within teams and helps them take initiative for producing high-quality results through effective interpersonal relationships. A Public Workshop is a great way to get familiar with the Core Strengths training programs – including how they work and what they have to offer learners in your organisation.

How Core Strengths Helps

The Core Strengths approach teaches people how to choose strengths in light of motivations, which allows people to produce better results for themselves, their team and their organization. The right strengths at the right time creates effective collaboration and personal responsibility.
Today managers are assessed not only on what they do (operational results), but, as importantly, on how they do it. It all comes down to a manager’s ability to positively impact performance through their people. Managers need to develop productive relationships with their employees by understanding what drives them (motivation), their strengths, and their performance gaps. When the productivity of that relationship is emphasized, the result is a committed and engaged team.
Create Collaboration in Your Team:People are complex, and that can make interacting with them challenging. Core Strengths training helps managers and teams understand their own language, and the languages other people speak. It provides even further understanding of how those languages change during conflict and, in turn, how to prevent, manage and resolve it.